Commodore Museum of Germany

Bjoern in front of the Commodore Museum

The Facebook group “Commodore 64/128” recently had a post sharing pictures from the Commodore Museum in Germany.  Björn Spoo posted some pictures from his visit.  Although the Commodore 64/128 forum is great, we all know that not everyone uses Facebook – I mean there are still a few people living somewhere in the world today that do not use it!  Anyway, I reached out to Björn and asked if he would share his memories of the trip, some pictures, and tell us a little about himself for this Commodore Computers blog.  I’m happy he agreed!


Björn says, “On every first Friday in the month, it is possible to visit the Commodore museum in Braunschweig/ Germany. Is was an old production facility of Commodore computers which is now used as a packaging, design and logistics company (Streiff & Helmold). They operate this small museum so that the entry is free. Under many commodore exhibits, there are some pre-computer technologies which could be viewed.”


Thank you, Bjoern for sharing your story and pictures with us!


Bjoern is from Bremerhaven/Germany and works as a quality engineer on aircraft engines. His love of Commodore Computers goes back to the early 1980s when he played the first time with his uncle’s C64. In the early 1990 he got his own C64 and started to create his first text trading games in BASIC. He connects nice memories with those old computer system.
Today he handcrafts in his leasuretime Commodre packages in matchbox size and search for pictures of special editon Commodore boxes. At this moment he’s got 50 different kinds of matchboxes and hopes this collection will increase.